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Project Title Principal Investigator: Sponsoring Agency:
Development of Lizard-like Robotic Spy Surveillance System Dr. Ansuman Bhattacharya, (PI Institute level) (Co-PI) Govt. of IndiaDST (SERB) [Department of Science & Technology (Science and Engineering Research Board)]
Secure and dynamic privacy-preserving public auditing schemes for IOT enabled data in clouds Dr. Dharavath Ramesh, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad (PI) Cyber Security Centre, PMU, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
ML based Agriculture Advent for Farmer Activity Development in India: An Application Approach Dr. Dharavath Ramesh, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad (PI) DST (SERB) [Department of Science & Technology (Science and Engineering Research Board)]
Precision Agriculture Model to Increase Crop Productivity in India using Big Data Dr. Dharavath Ramesh, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad (PI) DST (SERB) [Department of Science & Technology (Science and Engineering Research Board)]
Enterprise solution constructs for CMPF portal. (Consultancy). Dr. Sachin Tripathi, (CI), Dr. Dharavath Ramesh, (Co-CI) Dr. Dipankar Ray, (Co-CI) Coal Mines Provident Fund, Govt. of India
An Atomic Transaction Scenario for Heterogeneous Distributed Databases – A Synonym Application Approach for Reservation System. Dr. Dharavath Ramesh, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad (PI) MHRD, Govt. of India - Under TEQIP-II
Design and Implementation of Multiple Strategies to Identify Handwritten Forgery Activities in Legal Documents Sagar Pal (WTI), Govt. of India.
Recognition and Applications of Fluorescence Sensors in Host Guest Chemistry Soumen Bag (PI) SERB, Govt. of India
To Strengthen the Research Facilities in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering Dr. Somnath Yadav (SERB), Govt. of India.
Triplesalen-based metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and investigation on their functional applicability. Prasanta K Jana (PI) Arup Kumar Pal (Co-PI) Soumen Bag (Co-PI) FIST, Govt. of India
Design of Reliable and Energy Efficient Transport Layer Protocols for Ad-hoc and Sensor Network Dr. Sachin Tripathi(PI) DST (SERB)
ISEA (Information Security Education and Awareness) Phase-II Dr. Sachin Tripathi (CI), Dr. Arup pal (Co-CI) MeitY
AI/ML Driven Intrusion Detection Frameworks for IoT enabled cold storage monitoring system Dr. Sachin Triapthi (PI) DSCI
Design of Group Key Generation Protocol and Its applications for secure multicast Dr. Sachin Triapthi (PI) UGC
Development of Content-based Image Filtering Approach to Prevent Objectionable Image Retrieval from the Internet Dr. Arup Kumar Pal (PI) CSIR
Distributed Cognitive System for Healthcare Dr. H. Banka IIT(ISM) Dhanbad MeitY
To develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based machine learning solutions to enable prediction of occurrence of fire in Open cast mines extracting locked coal pillars with safety Dr.. H. Banka, PI IIT(ISM) Ddanbad, Prof. SS Rai, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, Prof. S. Sinha, Adani CMPDI, Ranchi
Development of QoS Routing Protocol for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks Prof. Chiranjeev Kumar (PI) UGC, New Delhi
Node Mobility Techniques for Tactical IP Networks Prof. Chiranjeev Kumar (PI) DRDO (CAIR Lab), Bangalore
Energy-Efficient Intruder Detection Schemes for WSN using Learning-based Techniques Prof. Chiranjeev Kumar (PI), Prof. Haider Banka (Co-PI) DRDO, New Delhi
WSN based Disaster and Environmental Monitoring System for Safety of Miners working in Underground Coal Mines Prof. Chiranjeev Kumar (PI) CSIR, New Delhi
Development of Virtual Reality Mine Simulator (VRMS) for improving Safety and Productivity in Indian Coal Mines Prof. Chiranjeev Kumar (Co-PI) Coal India Limited
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